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Yan & Wing Pre-Wedding

This was actually my first time to shoot under a rainny foggy day, it’s hard to shoot because of all the rain drops & unclear vision caused by the fog – however we like the outcome very much! My gears are all wet during shooting at the first locations, luckily our equipments are safe afterward (thanks Phottix made a such reliable flash commandor Odin). We used much more lightings to make the bride & groom more standout  in order to create a DREAMING SCENE (as per the request from bride :P) I especially like the photos from Shek O, it looks so much different in a cloudy day like this. I always advise client to go there after 4pm, it will not be too bright and light are softer, and you will looks nicer, prettier…..too shine is always not good. And we went to Sheung Wan to shoot some historical buildings to finish our day!


Locations: Peak Garden > Shek O > Sheng Wan

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