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Wedding Day Same Day Edited Video

We offer various kinds of video styles to cater your needs.
MV style same day edited video would be on first come first served basis.


MV Style







Standard Style

SO, what’s behind the video?

1. Use Less Shots – Never use 3 shots of the same thing if you can communicate it with 1 or 2, stuff gets boring very quickly even if it looks cool. As a viewer I don’t need to see a bride getting her makeup put on in a macro, wide, medium, close up and reverse shot or worse 5 different shots at similar angles or fields of view.

2. Keep it Short – This goes hand and hand with the tip above, people can get board very quickly, a wedding highlight video should be about 2-5 minutes and 5 minutes is starting to push it. Viewers will get more enjoyment out of a short video that leaves them wanting more or feels just the right length rather than a video that seems even 20 seconds to long

3. Don’t just document the event, find the story.


* All services will only be reserve after deposit

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