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A surprise propose

Looking for a creative marraiage proposal ideas? How many of you thinking or planning to have a surprise propose? And how would you like to capture this unforgettable & precious moment? Here you  see one of our client doing a special surprise propose in a movie theatre in hong kong. Behind the scene video: We provide […]

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Yan & Wing Pre-Wedding

This was actually my first time to shoot under a rainny foggy day, it’s hard to shoot because of all the rain drops & unclear vision caused by the fog – however we like the outcome very much! My gears are all wet during shooting at the first locations, luckily our equipments are safe afterward […]

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Unique Pre-Wedding

I would like to thank my customers, they always came up with wonderful ideas while we are planning the trip for their pre-wedding. They want a more unique and vintage styles, we ended up took a lots of different style….here we go! I personally love this one the most! Anything can be a background You […]

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Stella & Eagle Pre-Wedding

Stella & Eagle Pre-Wedding in Hong Kong In general, some of the clients came to our studio and tell us they would like to take some pre-wedding photos &/engagement  photos, however they do not have any ideas. Well I think it is fine to have no ideas, then the next step tell  me about your […]

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Meigi & David’s Pre-Wedding in Hong Kong

Meigi & David’s Pre-Wedding in Hong Kong It was a wonderful time shooting with Meigi & David together. I think they really put a great effort with their props to match with their pre-wedding theme. We was shooting during summer in Hong Kong, which is really really hot over 30 degrees. We first started to […]

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Cookie & Ryan Pre-Wedding in Hong Kong

Cookie & Ryan Pre-Wedding in Hong Kong I really enjoy to be the photographer of Cookie & Ryan, they are a nice & sweet couple.  What so important for me is they have their own  thoughts & ideas. Sometimes  it’s diffuclt to shoot a good story telling pre-wedding photos if you don’t  have any clues […]

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