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You’re my Home

I love him for his action speaks louder than words. He never leaves me out of his sight or home heading myself. A man whom showers with his love by wakeup calls and everyday cooking is someone to entrust my life with. So grateful that I’ve found you as my home Intimacy is the most […]

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A Better Me

You’re somebody who betters me from the day we met. In return, you’ve become my dearest and for what’s worthy, I’ve made the best decision in marrying you. Love you so much and let’s grow old together slowly, lovingly plus being a better us A genuine love message from Ann to Andy which touched our […]

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Every couple makes a difference

The peak and the park, areas around Stanley or the beaches are the common selected locations. It’s you and your partner who could make things different. The way you interact, connect and communicate spices up the difference. Through our shooting, we always motivate interactions and capture the unexpected moments, loving one mostly. This is the […]

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Simple Sweeties in the Greens

The day we spent with Eva and Rico in the greens were so lovingly touching. Young, fun, humorous moments filled the air and touched our team’s heart. They were so natural and happiness were shown all over their faces. Oh dear, how could you not love looking at the photos. Simple as it is, a […]

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Acquaintance to Happily Ever After

Pretty much just like any other couple we hanged out, we traveled, we laughed, we fought and made up. These are the little pieces that bond us together as one. Everyday is a new opportunity to love you more dearly and a new chapter is about to begin. Growing old along with you is the […]

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Studio Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

It’s extremely hot in Hong Kong during summer and it would be a bit difficult for shooting pre-wedding photos at outdoor environment. Therefore we came up with an idea to create a studio pre-wedding package especially for clients who are interested to take their pre-wedding photos in our studio. This summer we are doing a […]

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Golden Anniversary

It’s my honour to take photos for this silver hair & sweet couple! Their grandchild made an appointment for their grand parents to celebrate their Golden Anniversary, it was amazing that they enjoyed the shoot very much & they loved the photos too! Let’s check out the sweet moments they have in our studio.     ☀️Summer […]

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Yan & Eric Pre Wedding

Always glad to see clients added their own elements to their pre-wedding photos, because every couple should be unique & have their own styles. Don’t hesitate to tell us your crazy ideas as we are innovative. Locations: Shek O, 三育中學, 觀塘海濱公園 Gowns & suit: AMELIA WEDDING Follow us on FACEBOOK

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Thuy & Hung Pre-wedding

It’s my honor to shoot for couple flying all the way from Australia to Hong Kong. Since this is the first time they visit Hong Kong, unlike the typical views I would like to show them another view of Hong Kong. I took them to Hong Kong Island side and we spent a half day […]

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